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This is an independent film which really hits a nerve in our modern world - older women who have lost their man and often have a hard time getting over it.

Presented in documentary style and filled with pathos, the film is virtually a one-woman show with Jane Merrow explaining the difficulties and heartaches of suddenly finding oneself alone.

"Bereavement" was entered in the End Of The Pier International Film Festival in 2008 and Jane received the award for "Best actress in a short drama".

"Bereavement" is a Carl Medland film. He also produced "Blinded" (2007), again starring Jane Merrow. Medland left University with a BA in Theatre and Dance and wrote and directed shows for the fringe circuit. His emphasis was to challenge peoples common beliefs and complacencies tackling current social issues and these principles remain today as his main focus and artistic policy as a filmmaker.

I loved doing this short film, it showed me as I am now and much as I love looking at much of my old stuff, I want to keep moving forward all the time.

It was an opportunity to draw on my own experience of losing people that I loved. Many lucky women meet the the love of their life and don’t have to go through the loss. But many have gone through the process, I certainly have and it is painful, especially as you grow older and feel you are losing your powers - of what - attractiveness? Sexuality? Energy? Intellectual stimulus? Are you becoming boring and so on and so on.

I remember seeing that extraordinary actress Barbara Stanwyck in the US series of ‘The Thornbirds’. She plays an older woman who has fallen in love with the priest (hero) in the story. When she confronts him with this, admits her feelings and is gently rejected, it is so painful and she challenges him with the thought that just because she is old, she still feels and loves with the passion of a young woman, nothing changes inside. This is true and very sad.

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