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8th April 2012

Just been to a lovely Easter Sunday service here in Boise in USA. The church was packed and looked lovely with the flowers. The local Bishop presided and looked like a rainbow in his lovely vestments. So there we are, itís a beautiful day here and I will be off shortly to share the rest of the day with the kids, grandkids and other relatives. There is as much wickedness in the World as in 2000 years ago, just more people to indulge in it; but hope springs eternal and social media has a least brought us closer to those people who are enduring horrors in other countries. We can share more with them and at least communicate with them.

I am off back to the UK for a while in May, see friends and pick up some of my English roots and ways, cant be bad. Itís not a holiday here in the US, but I wish everyone in the UK a lovely Easter Monday. Easter bonnets, to be seen, I wonder, though I doubt it, but I did see one gorgeous concoction here in church.

As I have now launched the website ......dont forget, I have to do a lot more social media, all of it, as itís the way to the stars(Top of Google) and us poor mortals who are building web traffic, are blogging, tweeting and linking like mad. An hour a day I am told, itís like being back at school, donít forget your homework. Not sure if I would be doing all this if it werenít for a commercial need, it still feels a bit strange baring oneís soul to all. Like undressing in public. sípose thatís the English in me. I tried to create a biography on Wikepedia and three hours later it was still not finished. In fact it sits there unfinished and I must get to it this coming week, I dread the thought. Some programmes are easier than others.

I did go to Los Angeles last week and you would have thought we were in the Ark, with Noah, it poured and poured and was cold, cold, cold, it got better, just as I left. It was good to see old friends, my manager Marion and others. Marion is very much still part of BAFTA LA, which I joined when I lived there. They are a really good group of people and helped push BAFTA UK into a much more visible position. I wonder how many ex-pats are in it now, there are so many Brits living in Los Angeles in the business now. I have heard a few grumbles from the Yanks!

I saw ďThe Hunger GamesĒ last week. It really is an excellent film, despite its dark subject, children hunting and killing other children. Still itís really no worse than ďLord of the FliesĒ and the children are largely older teens. So I would recommend a visit, it is thought provoking and has a moral tale to tell.

As I have said I try not to hark back to the past, but I did watch ďThe Charge of The Light BrigadeĒ in a fit of nostalgia, just to take a look at old love David Hemmings. We had just broken up and I did miss him, still do. It was a very good film, watch it if you get the chance. The men at the top running the army at the time were a bunch of pompous idiots, whose values were really skewed. But it is a good film, the script is possible a bit too scholarly for todays taste. Charles Wood was very good, but Robert Bolt was better, more in touch with human beings.

So thatís all for now friends. The blossom is out everywhere here and is really beautiful. I am sure it is there or getting there in England.

More soon

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