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14th April 2011
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About ten days ago I decided to change my business email hosting provider 'simplymailsolutions' - they had been quite good, but they were expensive and wanted even more money to host my Company business website. I found a company that I liked and proceeded with the change. What I did not realise was that this would involve a change of registrar. When I went to SMS, my registration provider for the domain name was Tucows and at the time they just changed the direction of my domain name and 'pointed' it towards the new host at my request. It took about a day. The registration expired and my hosting company changed my registration to another organisation, called Enom. Woe is me! I did not know this. I did not even know there were other companies apart from Tucows, who 'held' the registrations. I had only ever been with Tucows for my business. Also I did not understand that the hosting Company was not really in control of my domain name, I had to get permission and codes to move. Getting moved from Enom has been a nightmare and I currently do not have my emails nor my website. It has been ten days so far for me.

I believed that my hosting company could control my domain name, which I own and they would do as I requested. Not so and I think it is time that Companies disclose to their Clients, how the ownership of their property can be affected by and with whom you have to be registered, while you are with them. Commercial decisions are fine, but transparency with the customer is all. I've had two other bad experiences with web builders, who did the registration for me and then claimed ownership of the site! That's why this janemerrow.net NOT .com.

I know I dont usually write such dry stuff, but this is a really difficult time without website and email and it might be useful for some of you, to know this sort of thing. Be sure you always keep control of your domain name. We who have small businesses, cannot always afford the lawyers to look over Terms for us and if not everything is stated in the Terms, there is little you can do. However this where social networking can be really useful! You can name and shame.

Heard a lovely quote on the radio about technology - "technology is about talking heart to heart, not head to head". I am sure that this why Facebook and Twitter are so popular.

Anyway on to more pleasant subjects. As I have always said, my philosophy has always been "dont look back"! However I did look back at a wonderful taped show of the Goons last week. Did you see it? What a joy they were, how silly and wonderful. I cannot think of anything to compare, that's around at the moment. They really engaged you in their idiocy. Peter Sellers was in his days of being slim during this show and it was at this time that I knew him.

We used to have dinner occasionally and I found him easy to talk to, when he was just relaxing and being 'normal' if that was a word you could associate with him. Like many geniuses, he was a bit mad. I honestly cant remember where we met, but I liked him, while I knew him. I remember he introduced me to his mother on the car phone in his Rolls Royce, I was terrible impressed, car phones and Rolls Royces were not in my sphere of reference at the time. I also remember he pressed me into service as his 'date' for an evening with the Royals as he called them- Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. They had arranged to go to the "pictures' one evening and they were expecting him to bring someone and he had thought it was a threesome. I was very ill prepared, but gamely went along with it, trying to keep two paces behind Princess Margaret, as I read somewhere, one was supposed walk several paces behind Royalty. This made it very difficult for her to talk to me, as she had to keep calling over her shoulder. I dont think she really realised what I was trying to accomplish. Must have thought me a bit odd. Still, we had a jolly evening. I had just finished shooting "The Lion in Winter', so I was able to discuss some of the Royal ancestors with them, though they weren't real ancestors having come from a completely different branch of the family. The ancestry of the Royal family is fascinating, but quite complicated.

So looking back can be fun, it's the bad things that happen in your life and they happen to most of us, that it's best to forget. Many of our bad situations we usually create ourselves anyway, so best not to remind oneself too often what a fool you've been!

That's all for this week, friends. Jane

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