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29th April 2012

Itís a busy time with the grandchildren and working on the site This is taking an enormous amount of time, as we have to get people to go to the site and hopefully watch the films. The main work for me is blogging and social networking and it is stretching my creativeness and imagination to the limit. I just want to get on and make more films. So to some extent I am overlapping my blogging a bit, so there may be bits in this blog that I have used elsewhere and now I am using parts of my older blogs on this, my Jane Merrow site, on the new one. The interesting thing is that I am making contacts who are suggesting work opportunities for me, which is great. I have even been offered a part in a new feature film, subject to the financing.

It was relatively easy for me in the early days, when I acquired a good agent quickly and she sent me out on every opportunity. I got rather spoiled to say the least. But as one gets older, it is more difficult and unbelievably competitive and one gets a bit lazier about hustling for work. I do love to work, which is why I am creating my own with the web series (in case you forget)! I am hoping to do THE YELLOW WALLPAPER next.. an American story, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, about a woman having a nervous breakdown, while obsessing about the wallpaper in her room. The screenplay is now beginning to take on a good shape, I have had to cut the story quite a bit, but I know it can work cinematically. And we are planning to use special effects to bring the wallpaper to life. I am working with a young man here in Idaho and he and his company do Computer Graphic work for music videos and commercials, so this is something new and interesting for them. So many of the smaller companies in film making have to do what we call the bread and butter work, that brings in the money, so a period film with an extra dimension is a challenge and different for them.

We love stories, remember how Mother would read to you at night. Think this is so much more satisfying than watching TV. However if the book had pictures, it was even more interesting. Our imaginations were working overtime! Words and pictures. Of course audio is almost as good. I grew up with the radio, my uncle made me my first one, it was thrilling. I used to listen to scary tales in bed at night. There was a series by an actor called Valentine Dyall called THE MAN IN BLACK. His voice was deep and like velvet and of course I would lie there and terrify myself, not a very good way to go to sleep. The most frightening was about a disembodied hand running all over the house. I really believed that this hand was in our flat, coming to get me. I am off to the UK for a month or so next Monday, really looking forward to it. I shall be seeing my friends ......sorely missed, catching up a bit on whatís happening there first hand and hopefully getting to the theatre a bit. I wont be able to stay in my own flat, as itís currently rented out, but I am lucky enough that my dear friend Jenni has a flat that I can use, while I am there. But it will feel a bit strange, rather like being a visitor.....still new experience and different perspective and all that.

Thatís all for now folks.

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