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Money, Politics, Ego and Common Sense
8th August 2011

I dont understand us, why do we allow a handful of idiots, ruin and interfere with our lives to such an extent. And why do we elect/do business and continue to support them. I’m afraid it’s just a lack of common sense and laziness. This is one instance of living for the day, the moment, that doesn’t work, we have to think ahead a bit more. There is a movement in the US called The Tea Party Movement which nearly brought the US to a standstill and it is really unnerving. And worst of all they don’t seem to care how much damage they have done.

The Movement has paralysed the Republicans so much, that we nearly had an American default. This is not lost on the investors and markets and the world economy is again teetering on disaster. I don't usually worry too much about these things, but with the Media’s involvement, news of one disaster after another arrives so quickly, people are really rattled and maybe will fulfill our own prophecies and have another recession.

Same with Europe, the egotistical people who thought it was a clever idea to bring several countries together, with differing cultures, ideas and ways of working under one currency were just driven by their own dreams of glory. Remember Napoleon?! So we the little people suffer all this nonsense without a word of complaint. Except I do think people are beginning to wake up and protest, everywhere. Maybe we do have some common sense after all. The more I know about life the more I hold this virtue more valuable than any other.

Well I have got that off my chest, could have said it quicker in Twitter, maybe I will!

It’s good to be back in the old Smoke, as London is called. I grew up here remember and it’s hard to get your roots out of your system. I am going for a quick visit to Cologne this month to see my family’s former home, before they had to leave Germany. More roots!

I have been to two screenings, “Super 8” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, which I think is one of the worst titles, because I cant remember it and others will find the same. I really like the film, it’s funny, charming and well worth seeing. I am a big fan of Ryan Gosling and this is quite different from anything he’s done. Steve Carrell too, excellent and watch out for a great young actress: Emma Stone, she’s terrific. Ending is a bit soppy. “Super 8” is good too, loses itself a bit in what kind of film it’s supposed to be, but watchable.

We have just had some great news, another grant from the Idaho Film Commission, to complete our film THE TELL TALE HEART, we will use the money for editing and marketing. And plans go on to make a VOD site out of, to show our horror films and other good new ones. It’s all very interesting and exciting and another step in the career of Jane Merrow.

I have just done an interview, with Robert Sellers, who is writing a book about Oliver Reed and since that was the only time I ever worked with or knew Oliver, we talked a lot about our film “The System”, aka “The Girl - Getters”....... not a lot of thought went into that title! In fact it is such a good film, I think that with a different title, it could have had a much better release world wide. It is getting more of a following now and I am glad that people are rediscovering it. It was a great script, by Peter Draper, beautifully shot by Nick Roeg and well acted by us the actors, one of the best things Oliver ever did. Wont say too much about Michael Winner, who is a better Producer than Director, with all due respect. Michael could have been a great Producer, in real showman style. I think with a different title and a lot more marketing, “The System” would have been one of the “60’s great iconic films and that’s not just because I was in it!

Well friends, things to do, places to go so I must get on!

Till next time.

Be well Jane

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