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7th February 2011

The BAFTA's approach, the OSCARS approach and "The Kings Speech" is sweeping the boards, hope it all continues. The only sad thing for me is that my friend David Seidler's work for writing the script could not be included in the Writers Guild Awards, I really dont understand why, but there was a reason, protocols etc and I feel that he really deserved a shot with his own Union. As I have said a million times: "if it aint on the page it aint on the stage", no good screenplay, no good film. It all starts there. I m sorry not be in London at the moment to see the Foreign films that have been nominated - we get to vote on the best one, but there we are.

Reminiscing- I would like to see old friend Anthony Hopkins name on the nomination list again. He is a truly great actor, but has made indifferent choices in the last few years, playing parts in films unlikely to be nominated. He has made a film recently "The Rite", which I shall go to see, but I doubt the material will match the talent. Tony no doubt enjoys his pleasant life in California now, but I do wish that just once he would do something that would really stretch his ability again. We were in "the Lion in Winter" together - his first film and he was amazing and so exciting to watch. I am not sure he was a very happy person at the time - from his interviews he seems more at peace now. Maybe great talent has to go with great angst and it's more than some people can deal with. I saw a lot of him when we were both in LA and his then wife Jenni became my best friend, (still is), but I haven't seen him for ages since I went back to England and he married again.

Things are progressing nicely here with the film "The Tell Tale Heart" and we are building a good crew. I doubt we will be able to do it while I am here this time, so will probably make early summer. The joys of uncertainty - making films. Still love it though.

I do feel a bit cut off here, when I am in the US and have no real news of the UK, except gushings about THE WEDDING and the tabloid headlines that go with the renewed interest in the Royal family. Now, according to the notorious National Enquirer (an early Rupert Murdoch effort), poor Prince Charles has Alzheimers and that's the reason he didn't respond and leap out of the car, to defend poor Camilla, when they were 'attacked' by the students, he was too confused. So I would I be, in that situation!

The most terrifying images I have seen in the last week or so are the government troops bearing down on the crowds in Eygpt from camels at full gallop. That was really frightening - I didn't think they used camels in that way, except in old fashioned battles, as in "Laurence of Arabia". Still it's an interesting situation in the Middle East with the people all rising up against their rulers, the apparent oppressive ones that is.

It snowed today, oh well, I wont bore you anymore with my railing against the cold weather, but I do long for warmth again, outside that is. My son is in Dallas training at the moment for the new plane his employers bought. He was looking forward to sunnier climes and got a skating rink throughout the city last week, ice and black ice everywhere. America does get some serious weather, when it gets it, no messing around - 2-3 feet of snow, ice, wind, blizzards. Most of it thankfully back East, where I am not.

I took my grandchildren to the movies at the weekend to see "Gullivers Travels", an interesting but quite entertaining update! The amazing thing was the cost. For two children and a senior(me) it was $21 (about 13) for the tickets and another 15 for the junk food. No wonder people are getting home cinema setups. It's astonishing. Shan't be doing that too often. I do go to a lot of screenings, so I am spoiled, but it just makes me determined to carry on with my projects, which hopefully will be user friendly entertainment in terms of price.

Well thats about all this time, good people. More anon.

Take care Jane

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