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20th January 2013

I am still on this planet...if you are interested...I cannot believe that so much time has passed since I last wrote. I am supposed to be retired, well semi, but between my day job of grandchildren minding (not 24/7), blogging for , struggling with about a foot of snow and subsequent freezing weather, Christmas, New Year, the final editing of THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, ( a new chilling tale), learning Quick Books, during the course of which, making friends with a nice support man in India, etc, etc seeing movies for the Awards season and voting, Iíve hardly drawn breath. Still I am enjoying myself enormously and am looking forward to continuing activity.

We are getting the New Chilling Tales films ready for Broadcast, which involves different formats and close captioning, another unknown territory.

I think England is getting our snow at the moment. I always remember that when I am in the UK and ask my son in Idaho, what the weather is like, he tells me and sure enough within a couple of weeks, we get almost identical weather. Difference here is that is is dry cold, not the chilling damp cold we get in England, so itís a bit easier. I do hope that all of you in the UK are coping OK. I am getting the Mail Online at the moment, not my favourite rag, but the others, Telegraph, Guardian, Times are all very expensive online and the pictures the Mail has posted of the UK in the snow really have been very beautiful.

Of course we have had all sorts of turmoil in the US recently, with the financial issues and crazy in fighting, but overshadowing all of this has been the terrible tragedy of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. It reminds us of the terrible incident at Dunblane and I am so proud that the UK acted so quickly in banning hand guns. Sad to say I doubt it will so easy here...feelings are running high, but I do believe that many people have forgotten that the days of the Wild West are gone and you do not have to have 20 guns in your house to protect yourself. As many of the wiser people here say...automatic and semi automatic guns are meant for the theatre of war, not normal everyday society.

I have not heard anymore about the film EDITH, I was supposed to make in Austria. I hear from our mutual manager, that Clare Bloom( also to have appeared in the film) has heard nothing either. So this one may have to be consigned to history. We shall see. Independent films often go this way sadly. Of course the way the Producers handle a filmís demise, or in this case non start, is important to maintain goodwill and credibility.

I watched the Golden Globes of course and really enjoyed it...itís a very jolly friendly awards gathering...the Oscars are more formal. I was delighted and surprised that ARGO won Best Director and Best Picture, itís a terrific film and all the more so because it is a true story. I am not sure that the film will get quite the same attention at the Oscars. There is some very strong competition this year. I am not quite sure what to make of DJANGO UNCHAINED. It is quite an entertaining and often funny film, but slavery in the US is such a sad story, that itís hard to see any fun in it. However Quentin Tarantino can apparently, but Best Screenplay (Golden Globe)? The writing for LINCOLN, ARGO and SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK was so much better in my humble opinion.

Since England is getting so much snow ... thought I would show you a bit of ours in my garden here!

Well dear friends... I wont leave it so long to write again. In the meantime a bit late...but... Happy New Year!


PS: Thought you might like to see this. It's a an interview that I just did for a new film festival...nice people and I think they did a good job.

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