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14th March 2011
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We scurry about like ants, busy with our business and suddenly nature reminds us of the realities of life. I am sad and sorry for the Japanese people, what a tragedy and now they are threatened with another disaster – nuclear. Whatever we think of the morality of Hiroshima, we should remember that Japan is the only country that suffered through a real and intentional nuclear disaster. I hope and pray that another one is averted.

It is a grim reminder that we have no real power in this life, however much we like to kid ourselves. Even the mighty Rupert Murdoch has been thwarted by the Internet and has not figured out a way to control it. A good dose of humility is a medicine, well taken. Too bad that he, the mega rich and the other major world corporates don't send money to help with the current situation. Maybe they do!

I started my career on stage properly at the Royal Court in "The Kitchen" , a great play by Arnold Wesker, directed by the great and feared John Dexter, and ensemble piece with Robert Stephens, James Bolam, Mary Peach, Glenda Jackson, Rita Tushingham, many others and me. It was a great period of excellence, time of all sorts of wonderful plays including "The Entertainer", "Roots", "Look Back in Anger". I saw Jimmy B at the Golf Club last week and its weird how quickly time has passed. Still we're both here, a few others I can think of aren't. I am not gloating, but I think staying power is quite a good thing. I do love life!

Continuing the tradition, I saw a terrific play last week "The Heretic" at the Royal Court on Saturday. Wonderful performances from Juliet Stevenson and the rest of the cast. It is witty and clever and made us laugh, an absolute necessity, in this difficult world. Also saw "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", charming but limp, is all I can say. There is the one wonderful haunting melody, but that's really all there is. It takes a play like "The Heretic", to remind us how excellent the theatre, writing, staging and performances can be, report card……. Must work harder!

This is not my morning for technical issues. It is Monday morning and I have no Broadband connection – Plus Net and no mail SMS- this is called naming and shaming and now I am using a new Word programme on my Mac and it seems to have a life of its own. Oh well a good dose of humour is needed and a nice cup of tea, thinking of my own thoughts at the start of this Blog.

I am now Tweeting as well as using Facebook. If I am honest it is largely to further my nefarious ends to raise awareness (and money) for my project "New Chilling Tales", or NCT as a friend calls it. I had to ask him what he meant by NCT, not used to having initials, for one of my works, the height of aspiration. Actually Tweeting is quite liberating and fun, but truthfully there is an awful lot of rubbish being tossed about on Twitter, but I guess that's what it's all about!

That's all folks Jane

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