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22nd MARCH 2012

I am so pleased that is properly up and running now and we have started the Internet marketing for it. This is a tricky thing my friends, especially for people of my generation as it is a whole new language and way of thinking. I have yet to get my head around it. Some of the developers who create the social web sites seem to be living on a slightly different planet from the rest of us and you have to get in line with their way of thinking. This is especially true for me with Google + which is a great tool and explained very well, but the logical trend of thought is somewhat different from mine and since they will never follow my way of thinking, I have to follow theirs. It really is sort of what we might call geek-speak......a whole new language.

Still our site looks good, is easy to follow and I think the films for streaming/downloading are set at a competitive price, especially as you wont have seen them anywhere else, unlike most of the films on I-Tunes, Love Film and NetFlix etc. I am now busy writing the script for the next production, in which I plan to appear. I will be writing, producing, acting and please don't think I am on a massive ego trip, it’s just slave labour costs and I can set the price for my work. So on we go with this project, it’s hard work, with all the ongoing marketing of the site, the putting together of the films and then making them. Not to mention we have to get the investment. I would urge you to go to the site and watch the films, buy the DVD’s if you wish and above all enjoy them.

I have succumbed and invested in an Apple TV, which is not really a TV at all, just a device that will link you to entertainment online at a very low cost, so you can watch all sorts of programmes on your TV, which you might have missed. And best of all there are no commercials. I know I should not be ungracious about the advertising as it has been the life blood and source of finance for Independent Television, but it is so intrusive and makes watching shows you like no fun. There has to be a better way. It is amazing to me how all the sports games here in the US are geared to the commercials, but they are and if I were a massive football fan, it would drive me crazy. I went to a party for the American Super Ball Game and the commercials were made almost as side entertainment to go along with the game......quite amusing, but still distracting. I am sure someone cleverer than I am will figure it out eventually.

On my new TV set up, I saw a wonderful film “Mao’s Last Dancer”, which I really enjoyed. It’s a true story about a dancer who defects from Communist China to dance in America and his work in China, under Mao, to become a dancer. I love ballet, so it was a treat for me, but the story of this young man’s climb out of his Chinese life was fascinating. Life under Communist rule at that time was so difficult and very “Big Brother”, where everyone has to be subservient and rather paranoid. Do see it if you can. There are so many independent films that never make the main stream, not sure where the finance comes from, but come it does and the films give much pleasure to those not into big blockbuster films. Talking of which I see that “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, a smallish film full of aging British stars has earned an impressive amount for its opening weekend in the UK, so it just goes to show that quality and good acting, plus a good story will always shine through.

Again I urge you to support and watch the films. More anon.

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