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30th March 2009

I’ve only been back a week and a half and I feel like I’ve never been away. I am sure you must feel the same sometimes. If those 5000 miles weren’t between us, I would feel like the family is just around the corner. Oh well, they have their lives and I have mine.

I have been quite busy though – saw a wonderful Country and Western singer, Lyle Lovett, do you know him? What a talent, he sang for nearly three hours without a break, great music and wonderful really true voice. I don’t know many opera singers who can do that, they at least have at least one other singer to sing with. I met him afterwards nice, modest man. Talent is a big turn on. It does get overlooked sometimes if there isn’t a lot of hype to go with it. Marketing is now such a huge and expensive part of our industry, that we miss some wonderful people, plays, films etc, if there isn’t a big marketing budget to promote what they are doing.

However I keep coming back to one of my favourite hobby horses – the Internet- so many opportunities there, talent to find, songs to hear etc, IF you know where to find it. That is one of the major challenges. It’s easy if you know what you’re looking for, or you can, as they say, ‘Google’ it. But if you don’t then it’s challenge to those who want to be found AND those who want to find. The great thing and I know that I have said this before, it’s open to all (so far) and those who want to be in control of everything have not found a way to control this.

I went to an excellent film financing seminar last week put on by the Raindance Film Festival and their talented speaker Elliot Grove told us he was asked by someone, what part of terrestrial TV he should study and Mr Grove wisely said archeology! That pretty much sums up the view of most in the industry - terrestrial TV will go sooner rather than later – you have been warned. So brush up your IT skills, it’s not hard I promise you. If you are deeply resistant, there are still wonderful books to read and music to listen to.

Jane in the USAI know we are in difficult times, but changes are good for us, they keep us on our toes. My father was a real forward thinker and wanted so much to visit the moon. He drew up plans for a flying car and sent it to the government! Ten years after his death, I saw a plan for something similar in the newspaper. It will come.

My grandfather, who was a famous dermatologist in his day, found the cause of leprosy and psoriasis. It’s new ideas and thoughts that keep us alive and now the challenge is for climate change, before whole swathes of humanity starve to death. I believe we will do it, but we must keep the old grey matter and enthusiasm working. And above all keep cynicism at bay.

I am not talking much about my ‘old’ days in this blog as I am very excited about the ‘new’ days coming up, with the planned short film and others in the pipeline. Truthfully I am not a person who dwells too much in the past. I like to think about today and tomorrow. One of my favourite lines to get me through is from a film. It is Scarlett’s line from “Gone With the Wind”: “I won’t think about that now, I’ll think about that tomorrow”. This line got me through some sticky moments in my life, especially when I was running the family business, with no-one there to advise me and everything going wrong around me. It served me well!! Jane

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