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May 2013

As you will have gathered I have not addressed the more, interesting happier issues in my life for a little while...that is talking to you in my Blog. That is because I have been hovering in the Twilight zone of hardware and software and websites. And I have HAVE HAD ENOUGH....for today at least. I am not going to dwell on the nightmare of replacing memory, the untimely death of my hard drive may (it rest in peace) and its replacement and above all, the more and more complicated ways to “make things simple” to promote your website, ie: . In this website competitive world it has to be done. Anyway enough of all that. Frankly I like being an “artiste” best of all, that is actor and writer. The other will drive you mad.

However I am pressing on with the films for New Chilling Tales and have the next one planned...we hope to shoot in August. It’s from an interesting story by Ambrose Bierce who wrote many short stories set in the Civil War and whose own life ended in mystery, when he simply disappeared. Our film will be from a short story called “The Damned Thing”, which is a fascinating look at the realms of science outside our scope today, let alone in the 1860’s. We are planning to have one of David Hemmings’ sons, George play a lead character. He lives where I am in at the moment in Boise. David settled in Idaho for a while and when he departed back to the UK, he left a wife and lovely family of four children behind.

“The Yellow Wallpaper” has been well received and I will stick to my talented group of filmmakers here in Idaho for the next one. The films have also started to be shown on Public Television, Idaho. I am planning to get them to all the other Public Televisions across the US in due course, with a little help from my new friends at Idaho Public Television.

I went to Seattle for my first visit there and loved it, it’s an interesting place full of unusual people and of course You eat nothing but fresh fish there and it is delicious. Also saw one of the most beautiful exhibitions of artistry in glass. Went to the Chihuly glass exhibition, which is stunning. I am cheating and including a bit of his biography here. Chihuly is an American artist in glass and the work I saw of his, rivals much of the work, one might find in Venice, where he studied. Do look him up and read about his wonderful work....he’s the real deal as they say. In this rather shallow world we live in at the moment, the time and effort that goes into his work is astounding and the results breathtaking.

I know that there are many actors, musicians, artists still making that huge effort to create the work that delights us, but we do tend to hear more about those other shallower beings, who only want to be photographed, gossiped and written about. Maybe that is their form of art. However since the final goal always is money, I have my suspicions about their motives!

I have bought a bike...where I live in Boise is very countrified and it’s ideal for trolling around on a bike. I am very wobbly at the moment, but I have a helmet, so hopefully skinned limbs will be the worst thing, if I fall off.

This is going to have to be shorter than usual, the Computer/website newchillingtales and the other one I have just created, (which is about my Company) are making demands and I have to attend to them in order to promote sales of the films, or we wont have any money for the next one.

That’s all for now folks, more anon.

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