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October 20th 2011

Hi - it is me, I have moved my website to another Host and weíve had a few issues getting online. No problem, itís up and here we are again.

Just got back from lovely Suffolk and brilliant weather, had a long 3 mile walk along the beach and all the pressures and problems of our modern world seemed a long way away. I love the ocean above everything and would live beside it if I could. The best things in life really are free and one of the most precious things is freedom, how lucky are we in the Western world. So all you miseries, moaning and complaining in our Western world, get over it and donít be so greedy!

Like everyone else I have been watching the eviction of Dale Farm and do feel sorry for the people living there. Itís interesting isnít it that all the people arrested are not residents but ďsupportersĒ. How supportive have they really been, certainly not much help and where do they come from? And where do they live? Not at Dale Farm, thatís for sure. I was listening to one woman, who spoke very standard English and clearly did not live on the site, but talked as if she did. I wonder how well meaning these busy bodies really are, I wonder if they are actively helping the people move on, packing up their belongings, maybe doing some laundry for them, shopping maybe, doing the practical things that really are supportive. Somehow I doubt it. Chaining yourself to obstructions, holding up crucifixes, all very good to get yourself on the front page of the National newspapers, but what help are you really to these sad, sorry people?

I am busy packing up my flat in London as I am going to the US for a few months and renting it out. Actually I love these exercises, even if I was not going away, it gets rid of a lot of ďstuffĒ - pointless to hold on to. One of the things I like about getting older is getting rid of material things, that I donít use and donít need, without regret. I am going to help look after the latest grandson, a very jolly little fellow from his latest photograph, he has the widest smile. I will also be trying to get another New Chilling Tale filmed. Our new website is nearly ready and you will be able to get the films from it. I am excited. Website building has moved on a bit from the days of Dreamweaver, which was great, but very complicated.

I am off to see SHAME tonight, with Michael Fassbinder. It should be really interesting, about a man addicted to sex! Iíll report back on it next time.

Next Day

Saw SHAME, good film, interesting and very sad, not the least because of Michael Fassbinderís blinding performance. Itís not a great script, but If all you would be actors want a lesson in film acting, go and see him, heís 99% perfect, not one untruthful move or line, not one false look or thought. Not many film actors can get through a film without making one move, that you know is not quite believable, only one I heard of was Spencer Tracy, who according to the late great Kate (Hepburn), started a scene once with her and another character and the other actor did not realise they had started and that Tracy was acting!

Also saw last night CONTAGION a fascinating and terrifying ensemble piece by one of my favourite Directors Steve Soderberg. He is one I would love to work for - heís imaginative and works fast, so I understand, which I love.

I also saw THE DESCENDENTS last week. I did enjoy that too, itís a slow thoughtful film and very moving, also with fine performances from George Clooney, who played a man out of his depth with dignity and sadness and the rest of the cast. Beau Bridges is also in the film and it was a pleasure to see him, although he has ballooned a bit, but he was very good and compelling. I worked with Beau on a film ADAMíS WOMAN, not a bad movie about two Australian convicts falling in love, when they are forced to marry, dumped on a piece of uncultivated country, where they had to build a farm. This was common practice at the time and much of Australia was developed in this way. I liked Beau a lot, although I think he found me a bit intense some of the time. I had just come off THE LION IN WINTER and full of the deadly seriousness of a person who had just worked with two of the greatest actors in the business!!! I think I might have found me a bit pompous and boring at the time. Beau has developed as an actor so much and in many ways I think he is better than his brother Jeff, this is such an interesting industry.

All the best dear friends

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