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I am delighted to say that we have completed filming, or principal photography, the correct expression, on THE YELLOW WALLPAPER. The actual filming was a real pleasure, largely because the shoot was carefully prepared by our young Director Jesse Cordtz. Jesse has his own special effects (FX) Company here in Boise and we got together on this, because the only other character in the story, apart from the woman’s husband, is the wallpaper. I wanted it to come to life and this is what Jesse and his company will create, in the post production. The original story by Charlotte Gilman Perkins is a lovely story, early feminist in its own way. However it’s not very interesting cinematically in modern terms, as it’s largely one woman wandering around a room, going quietly mad. I believed that we had to make the wallpaper,another character in the story and for that it has to come to life. And it will.

As I said the actual filming went smoothly. We were lucky enough to have the use of a local studio and Dan Allers, its owner, built us a wonderful set. The actual wallpaper was initially a real worry, but eventually Jesse designed it, from ideas from my friend Larry, who manages this site. I found a printing company with the capability of printing the design the size of actual wallpaper and it was all manageable cost. We had a very young, enthusiastic and talented crew, I knew my all went well. Idaho does not have much financial support from the local government, so it is more of a challenge to make films here, but there is plenty of talent and the will. so we are able to do it. Rather like the early days of film in Hollywood I imagine.

The great news is that I took the two earlier films, (now showing on! to the Idaho Public Television station (PBS, great Television, no commercials) and they will show them for the next two years, so our distribution is slowly increasing. They will help us get it to the other Public Television Stations across the US and hopefully there will be interest from them as well.

I have somewhat given up on regular television, too many commercials and a slight air of desperation from the new shows, trying to be better, sexier and more sensational. I watch a lot of shows, TV and Films, downloaded on to my television through my Apple TV. Recently I watched HOMELAND...brilliant and have just finished watching COPPER, which I loved as I am such a fan of period drama. The acting is terrific and I think we have a looming star in Tom Weston-Jones.

So the next film looming is EDITH and I leave for London on Monday, to prepare for that. I am looking forward to it, it’s such an amazing story and so close to my family’s life. And of course I am looking forward to getting back to the UK for a while, seeing friends and maybe try to get another “new chilling tale”, going over there. I have the story and the script, just need the money!

Bye for now my friends, till the next time.

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